Thicket Excavations – Fallout 4 Guide


Thicket Excavations – Fallout 4 Guide

The area known as Thicket Excavations is a quarry Location in Northwestern area of The Commonwealth. It is located to the East of Concord and the Museum of

Thicket Excavation settlement

Fallout 4 in 2021 – Thicket Excavations

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Thicket Excavations | Fallout 4

Thicket Excavations | Fallout 4

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A fenced in quarry area that has been flooded, it is found to have scatters of cut stone around it. There are stairways leading up the north side of the quarry and a sloped ramp that extends into the water. The top level on the east side includes an elevator as well as a camper in which Sully Mathis’s terminal can be found which details his plans for restoring the quarry for use as a base. There are several campers spread out around the nearby area.

If the water is drained from the quarry during Pull the Plug, 24 hours have passed and one has reached level 12[, then Sully will then (when the Sole Survivor next returns) be found to have brought in his gang of raiders, and these hostile raiders will be found spread out throughout the quarry. Sully Mathis will now be found to be much more powerful – minimum level 30 – and like the raiders will henceforth be implacably hostile regardless of any prior help he was given. Three mirelurk pens will also be found in the area.

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