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Roof Repair in Fort Smith

When should you repair your roof and when does it need total renovation? Taking on a repair or renovation job of your roof is more than just choosing the type of material and the color. Roof renovation or repair can be done in five days but it usually involves a lot of planning. 

Getting a new roof might not be as fun as renovating a kitchen, but it is just as important, if not more so. The roof protects everything under it, it is the element of your home that dictates how comfortable you will be or how much you will pay for electricity, heating, and cooling costs.

Roof Repair Fort Smith

    To Renovate or To Repair?

    Did your roof suffer through that last hailstorm? No need to worry because sometimes, you do not even need to replace the entire roof. Contact Roofer Fort Smith and get an inspection. Professional roofers are experts in finding even the smallest issues that need repairing, and the team will also give you advice if the entire roof needs to be replaced or not. 

    Our team of professionals can also help you with the following:


    There are different kinds of materials that you can choose from and they all have their own purpose. You may even choose a certain material that will match the style of your home. 

    Asphalt Shingles

    These are the most commonly used materials in the roof. Asphalt Shingles are very effective against any elemental damage and can resist any impact. Choosing this material is a smart move if you are constantly hit by hailstorms. 


    Slate lasts your entire life and will never burn. It is waterproof and molds, fungus, and other unwanted growth will have a hard time taking hold and destroying it. Slate, however, it expensive but cheaper in the long run and offers a unique aesthetic for your home. 


    Metal can also last for 60 years and is great when doing simple renovations as it can be placed on top of an already existing roof. 


    Perhaps the best roofing material out there, Cedar shingles lasts ten years longer than asphalt and is very energy efficient. It provides up to two times better insulation than asphalt shingles, helping you keep your home at the right temperature no matter the season.

    City Code Compliance

    Check with your local government for a safety code or building code implemented in your area and make sure that there no laws that will limit what you can and cannot do with your roof.  If there are rules, these are implemented to also keep the homeowners safe, therefor the professional builders must abide by them. 


    With every new build, a permit is required, this is to ensure the safety of the builders and the homeowners while the renovation or repair is being done. 

    At Roofer Fort Smith, we will assist you with all your Roof Repair in Fort Smith needs. Give us a call today!

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