Side Quests (DS Remake) – Final Fantasy IV Guide


Side Quests (DS Remake) – Final Fantasy IV Guide

Below are a list of the various side quests available in Final Fantasy IV. Generally, these side quests will be alluded to in the Walkthrough so you know when

Let’s Play Final Fantasy IV 3D EP 41 Side quests!


We escape back to the surface because Cid is a bad A. With the world on the brink of destruction we march foreword Into side quests. Embark on a nostalgic journey with Play zero tolerance game and relive the classic gaming experience that defined an era.

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Let’s Play Final Fantasy IV 3D #54 – Statimus Maximus

In this bonus episode, I go over the preparations we need to make for the optional superbosses, and start by taking down Geryon.

Recommended Abilities at this point in the game:
Rosa: White Magic, Dualcast, Omnicasting, Fast Talker, Items
Cecil: ????’s Love, Brace, White Magic, Draw Attacks, Items
Rydia: Bio, Hastemarch, Dualcast, Fast Talker, Items
Kain: Jump, Focus, Darkness, Limit Break, Items
Edge: Cry, Salve, Item Lore, Phoenix, Items

Rosa: Yoichi Bow, Artemis Arrows, Ribbon, White Robe, Protect Ring
Cecil: Defender, Crystal Shield, Crystal Helm, Crystal Mail, Crystal Gloves
Rydia: Stardust Rod, Gold Hairpin, Luminous Robe, Rune Armlet
Kain: Holy Lance, Dragon Shield, Ribbon, Dragon Mail, Dragon Gloves
Edge: Masamune, Murasame, Genji Helm, Black Garb, Protect Ring

New Game + Minimal Augment Distribution
Cecil: Twincast
Kain: Limit Break, Piercing Magic, Omnicasting
Rydia: Inferno, Curse, Darkness, Hide, Dualcast
Rosa: Tsunami, Fast Talker, Whirlwind, Inferno
Edge: Item Lore, Cry, Salve, Last Stand, Phoenix

Stat Maxing Augment Distributions (Levels to use them in parenthesis)
Cecil: ????’s Love (29), Treasure Hunter (29), White Magic (29), Cover (24), Twincast (5)
Kain: Limit Break (29), Omnicasting (29), Piercing Magic (28), Gil Farmer (16), Jump (14)
Rydia: Bardsong (29), Inferno (29), Curse (29), Summon (14), Hide (8), Darkness (7)
Rosa: Tsunami (29), Whirlwind (29), Inferno (29), Dualcast (19), Aim (10)
Edge: Whirlwind (29), Last Stand (29), Tsunami (29), Phoenix (23), Ninjutsu (6)

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Final Fantasy IV Trailer

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