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Roof Inspection Fort Smith AR

A roof inspection is crucial to ensure the condition of your roof and prevent further damage. Choose a reliable expert to inspect your roof.

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Roof Inspection Fort Smith Process

Roofs often experience several problems, but not all problems can be easily noticed. So, a roof inspection is needed to determine the existing roof problems and create a proper evaluation, diagnostics, and estimates for repairs. It is the first step to deal with a leaking roof, clogged gutters, and water seepage on your walls. Without a thorough roof inspection and assessment, it would be impossible to determine how big or small a roofing problem is and the extent of damage it can cause to your property and your finances in the future.

At Roof Inspection Fort Smith, we are committed to a strategic and step-by-step procedure on our roof inspection and assessment. This procedure allows us to provide a comprehensive, customized, efficient, and professional inspection and evaluation for our clients.

1. Client Booking an Appointment for Site Visit

Contact our team for any roofing concerns or for regular maintenance and inspection. Our staff will set your appointment with our roof inspection team.

2. Site Visit and Roof Access

Once your appointment is confirmed, our professional roof inspector will visit your address and conduct a pre-inspection. Convenient access to your roof will be provided to begin with the service.

3. Actual Inspection

Our professional roof inspection and roofing specialist will inspect every component of your roof, from roof tiles and capping to gutters and flashings to identify the root cause of your roofing problem or ensure that there are no damages to your roof. We will evaluate your roofing systems according to these areas and take note of the important issues of your roofing structure. Prior issues the client has informed us before the site visit will be the priority.

4. Documentation

Our team will take pictures of various areas of your roofing that may need repair, maintenance, or other roofing services. This will also include actual documentation of before and after maintaining or repairing your roof. Clients can have access to or copies of these documents upon request.

5. Detailed Report

Once the onsite inspection is complete, our team will create a comprehensive report on the current condition of your roofing system. Pictures for documentation, a breakdown of issues that have been observed in your roof, and recommendation for maintenance, repair, and replacements will be included in the report.

6. On-Site Reporting and Diagnosis

Right after the inspection of your roofing system, our professional team will provide onsite reporting. We provide accurate quotation and diagnosis reports to our clients and explained the situation to them in detail. Repair, replacement, and maintenance will not be conducted without the approval of our client.

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