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Roof Replacement Fort Smith

Take a good, hard look at your roof and you will notice that it does need a little TLC- tender, loving, care. And now that you have hired someone to replace your roof, it is starting to look like a long and complicated process. But rest assured that contractors, especially if you hire from Roofer Fort Smith, know how to complete this task safely and efficiently. 

What do you need to know when replacing your roof?

When you are fully replacing your roof, you are completely tearing down old shingles and exposing your roof deck. The contractors will put in an underlying layer of the protective sheets to protect your deck and prevent water from getting through while your roof is getting replaced.

Roof Replacement  Fort Smith

    This is also the perfect time to have your contractors check and see if there is any damage to your roof decking as this can also cause unwanted issues in the future. 

    What are the benefits of completely replacing your roof?

    • Saves more money in the long run because it lets you identify early signs of rot and sagging caused by water damage to the deck, which can eventually lead to water leaks and drips on the inside walls where it can damage the drywall and flooring and lead to expensive repairs.

    • Re-roofing may cover up any issues with the deck, like rot, which can eventually lead to the roof giving out, a fully replaced roof addresses all issues for a safer and sturdier roof.

    • It can be done no matter how many layers of roofing are there because you will be taking all of them out. 

    • Completely replacing your roof will last longer than just re-roofing.

    What to expect when roof-replacement is ongoing?

    Protection. Roofer Fort Smith will make sure that your home is protected from any possible damages by using waterproof tarps that will protect the inside of your home in case it rains. We will also make sure that all our workers are very well protected from accidents. 

    Removing shingles and inspecting the wood. All shingles will be completely removed to begin the process and once they have been lifted off, the workers will also inspect your roof deck to make sure that they do not miss any signs of damage. If they do see anything that needs changing then they will report this back to you so you could decide on what to do. 

    Post-re-roofing inspection. Once all the decks have been inspected and the last shingle is finally laid out, our work is not done yet. Our team will schedule a visit to check out the newly installed roof after a few days to make sure that everything is where they should be. 

    If you do not replace your roof, it can lead to bigger problems inside the home like broken furniture and appliances. Roofer Fort Smith is here to answer all of your Roof Replacement in Fort Smith needs. 

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