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Roof Restoration Fort Smith AR

Instead of replacing your entire roof, enjoy the advantages of roof restoration. Our service is an alternative to a complete roof tear-off and replacement.

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Roof Restoration Fort Smith

Once you've advised that the only way of stopping your roof from leaking is to replace it completely, this may sound like good news for you. Your roof may be a good candidate for flat roof restoration, which can cost up to 50% less than standard replacement. These advantages make businesses wonder, "What is roof restoration?" It is a process that involves repairing the weak areas of a roof while also building a new roof surface. After restoration, you will have a roof that is more leak-resistant than the day it was installed — and a warranty will support it.

Roof preservation and restoration are our signature offerings at Roof Restoration Fort Smith. While we are a full-service commercial roofer, this is usually our first recommendation. Restoration not only helps you save money, but it also has a lot of unexpected advantages. Please keep reading to learn about its benefits.

Reasonable Cost — Let's start with the biggest reason that flat roof preservation has become a popular option: restoration costs roughly half the price of a full tear-off. Because replacing a large commercial roof costs large sums of money, these savings are significant! In the end, it is simply a wise strategic move. Perhaps you must get a restoration quotation to compare if you have quotes from several different companies for tearing off your roof.

Greater Convenience — Our methods are half the price of traditional replacement because they take considerably less time because we eradicate the tear-off step. This not only helps you save money, but it also tends to make our work less difficult for your business. Businesses must frequently close during such a tear-off, but seldom during the process of Roof Restoration Fort Smith.

Integrated Energy Savings — You've probably seen a lot of flat roofs with white topcoats. This isn't for show; it's to make building design more energy-efficient. The reflective white coating reflects the sun's rays, keeping the structure cool in the summer. This significantly reduces your energy bills. Although many businesses pay lots of money to have a white coating applied separately from roof preservation, you instantly get it here.

A roof that is better-than-new — We help to strengthen all high-risk areas on a flat roof as a significant component of Roof Restoration Fort Smith signature flat roof restoration procedure. This not only fixes any current leaks but also prevents future leaks. By reinforcing all of the leaky areas on a typical roof, we make it less likely to leak or require extensive maintenance in the future. As such, a restored roof is more durable and more excellent than a new roof.

Bottom Line

We hope we were able to answer your question, and be captivated by your desire to learn more about the cost savings. We want to work with you whether you're just starting to notice leaks in your roof or you've already received replacement quotes. Roof restoration is efficiently becoming a trendy option and with good reason. After all, the chance to save 50% off a replacement cost is reason enough to learn more.

We want to see what your roof requires and provide you with potential solutions. So, contact us today at Roof Restoration Fort Smith to set up a roof inspection and receive a quote from one of our experts.

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