Halo Infinite Patch Finally Fixes Big Team Battle Issues

Halo Infinite Patch Finally Fixes Big Team Battle Issues

A new Halo Infinite patch improves the matchmaking for the Big Team Battle mode, which has faced persistent issues since December.

343 Fixes Big Team Battle and Offers Compensation For Downtime!

In this video we talk about big team battle being fixed!


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‘Halo Infinite’ Big Team Battle fix hasn’t worked

Around a week ago NME brought you the news that a patch was in the works to fix the big team battle mode of ‘Halo Infinite’. Well, since then that patch has passed submission, been released and… not worked. It seems developer 343 Industries isn’t having much luck of late, because it seems despite a hotfix being deployed, it still hasn’t made meaningful improvements

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Halo Infinite | Huge Patch Update! (Big Team Battle Fix)

Today on the show, we are discussing the patch notes and fixes in Halo Infinite. Big note to a fix for Big Team Battle coming plus more. We give you the full list and breakdown. Play Krunker io with players from around the world. Join the action at https://kevin.games/krunker-io.

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Todays Show: Halo Infinite | Huge Patch Update! (Big Team Battle Fix)