Crystalians (Academy Crystal Cave Boss) – Elden Ring Guide


Crystalians (Academy Crystal Cave Boss) – Elden Ring Guide

The Crystalians are one of the miniboss Foes you can fight in one of the optional Liurnia Dungeons in Elden

[Elden Ring] Academy Crystal Cave – Crystalians Boss

You will need a Stonesword Key to enter the Crystal Cave. No worries, you get another one in the caverns themselves to replace it. (Boss Strat Below)

The key to this boss is to drag the Spear away from the Staff and then break his hidden poise armor. The best ways to inflict poise damage is with Blunt damage type, Guard Counters or Jump-Heavy Attacks. As I was using a Rapier, I had to use a Guard Counter to break his poise. There’s an early game insignia called “Curved Sword Talisman” that increases Guard Counter damage. Use it! They can both be backstabbed, with not only does a lot of damage but makes you immune to the other’s attacks during it’s animation. After the Spear is dead, just break the Staff’s poise armor and backstab him for an easy win.

ELDEN RING Academy Crystal Cave Bosses Crystalians

Academy Crystal Cave Bosses

Elden Ring | FULL Guide To Academy Crystal Cave (Stonesword Dungeon) | Hidden Path + Crystalian Boss

Route To Cave: 0:05
Entering Crystal Cave: 1:00
Free Stonesword Key: 2:30
Hidden Path & Precious Items: 3:20
Crystalian Boss Fight: 4:30

Another fun cave, and area missed in the Academy of Raya Lucaria / Liurnia of the Lakes region ��

2 Stonesword Keys required for entry (one inside so technically 1 used…) ��

Full rundown from FINDING the Cave, to exploring the cave and all hidden items and paths. Also try to give my best tips for beating the Crystalian Dual-Boss fight. Which stumped me at first…

Hope this helps someone! ��