Crusher – Skylanders Giants Guide


Crusher – Skylanders Giants Guide

Crusher is one of the new Giant Skylanders in Skylanders Giants. A Special Edition figure called Granite Crusher is also available as a Target Store

Skylanders Giants Achievement Trophy Guide – Clean Jersey (Xbox,PS3)

For all those of you that are having trouble with this achievement Clean Jersey, I made a video showing how I got it. Hope this helps you. If it does please like and sub! It really helps out. Also if you want any other video achievement guides for any other games leave me a comment and ill try to make a video!

Skylanders Giants – Walkthrough Chapter 8: Troll Home Security

A Chapter-by-chapter walkthrough of Skylanders Giants for PS3. Includes all collectibles. This is being played on Nightmare difficulty.

—Key points—
Hat 1 – 1:52
Luck-o-tron Wheel – 3:45
Winged Sapphire – 4:18
Treasure 2 – 11:23
Story Scroll – 12:46
Treasure 3 – 15:05
Treasure 1 (Went back for this) – 15:30
Water Gate – 17:00-25:16
+Legendary Treasure – 18:00-21:13
+Hat 2 – 23:52
+Treasure 4 – 24:58
Soul Gem – 33:16
Auric Store – 37:34

Skylanders Giants – Crusher Rock Grinder Path Guide

Me playing Crusher the Earth Giant on Rock Grinder path.

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