Best Roofer Fort Smith

Best Roofer Fort Smith

Fort Smith roofing companies Roofing materials may vary depending upon the style of building (slope of the roof or flat building), i.e. the type of construction, either a residential or a commercial one.

The following is the list of roofing materials that are commercially available at Best roofer Forth Smith AR for roofing your houses and other buildings.

Asphalt shingles

Fort Smith AR roofers - At Best roofer Fort Smith AR, we provide a variety of materials to choose from. However, Asphalt is one of the most common types of roofing materials used today. divided into two categories, organic or fibreglass (non-organic).

Organic shingles are manufactured with a cellulose fibre base made from recycled paper and wood fibres and are saturated with asphalt. To resist weathering a mineral coating is then applied to it. This tends to add more flexibility and provide strength to it. Dimensional shingles are a variety of organic or fibreglass shingles. They are similar to shingles but the core is much thicker. Additional layers can be sculpted to provide different shadow looks to give a custom look.

best roofer Fort Smith

Asphalt shingles are manufactured in a variety of colours. They are sold depending upon their life span. Organic shingles have a lifespan of 30 years while dimensional shingles have a life span of around 40 years.

Wood shingles

The majority of wood shingles come from Western red cedar. It has the best quality and is used majorly due to its property to resist decay. The wood shingles are classified as 1, 2, 3 and either of them is used depending upon the type of roofing. 

1 is mostly recommended for roofing because it is cut from knot free heartwood. 2 is mostly used for siding and comes from the sapwood. It is less resistant as compared to 1. 

Wood Shakes 

Like shingles, this type of material is taken from cedar. The difference is that shakes are either sawn again or split by hand. A resawn shake is tapered from one side and the other side is left with a natural irregular look. Shakes are separated by weight, which is classified as heavy or medium. Find this at affordable prices at Best roofer Fort Smith AR.

Clay and Concrete shingles

Traditional barrel shape is the most common shape of this style of roofing material. But you may also find clay and concrete shingles tile that is tapered to give a wood shake or slate. These shingles are generally heavy so it is often necessary to increase roof support for the added weight


Metal shingles are available in many different colours, shapes and styles. These shingles can be interlocking and can be made up of aluminium, copper or stainless steel. This type of roofing is light in weight and doesn't require crack split burn or rot. And have a life expectancy of around 50 years. However, rest assured that the quality cannot be compromised at Best roofer Fort Smith AR.


This is one of the oldest roofing materials found in the U.S and is mainly used in the northeast. Slate is hard rock and can be split into thin slabs. It is extremely durable and has a life expectancy of around 100 years. This kind of roofing material is very heavy in nature and require a special roof to hold on.

Fort Smith AR roofer The roofing material discussed above can vary in material and the cost of installation may vary too and may also depend upon your local area.

Fort Smith AR roofers

Fort Smith AR Roofers

At Fort Smith Roofer From repairing leakage to any of your constructions, we are dedicated to providing extensive roofing.

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Fort Smith roofing companies

Fort Smith Roofing Companies

Roofing services is a very competitive and lucrative business. Providing area in Fort Smith, the kind of treatment they deserve has always been our major priority.  

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best roofer Fort Smith AR

Best Roofer Fort Smith AR

Roofing materials may vary depending upon the style of building (slope of the roof or flat building), i.e. the type of construction, either a residential or a commercial one.

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